Planning Consultancy - expert analysis, retail modelling and forecasting

Our expert consultants have worked for over 20 years helping retailers maximise their sales and profitability by resolving a whole range of locational and spatial distribution issues.

Our approach is based on understanding the geographical interaction between consumers and retail channels; looking at how they interact and buy. By linking together our consumer, local area and industry datasets with our cutting edge modelling expertise and our market intelligence software, we can help you take an objective view of your markets and retail networks.

We can help you assess and improve sales performance and market share by location. We can also assist you in evaluating the likely impacts of a whole range of investment and divestment decisions - essentially giving you the benefit of hindsight without incurring the cost.

Some key consultancy projects are listed below but the possibilities are endless so please contact us and speak to an expert about your specific requirements.

  • Retail market definition and trade area analysis
  • Retail centre definitions within cities
  • Retail channel distribution roadmaps
  • Catchment evaluation and overlap analysis
  • Drivetime and distance profiling
  • Territory planning and optimisation
  • Market sizing and demand/spend estimation
  • Sales and market share analysis
  • Site selection and retail location planning
  • Site metrics/scorecard analysis and performance benchmarking
  • Network optimisation and scenario modelling
  • Store sales predictions
  • Market entry analysis, evaluation and planning
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Prospect targeting and media planning

For more information on how we can help your business please contact us.

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