Bringing market research data to life

market research iconUsed in isolation, market research data will only ever make a limited contribution to marketing. Because it lacks geographic context it can't tell you 'who' it's describing or 'where' they live, but when combined with CAMEO  we are able to bring market research data to life.

We work with a wide range of Market Research companies, applying our CAMEO Classifications to their panels and linking their research to actual consumers you can target.

Where you don't have any customer data, either because you don't collect it, or because you're looking to break into a new market, market research data can be used as a proxy. CAMEO profiles of any market research questions can be used to understand the types of people that have responded.

Survey questions are wide-ranging, spanning from the purchase of groceries through to clothing, financial products, domestic appliances and home furnishings. Many market research panels also cover future intentions and attitudes.

Market research data can be easily imported into MVPLUS to support a wide range of applications.

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