Local Area Data and Demographics

We have a range of datasets available at postcode, post sector and output area level that deliver accurate market intelligence. They can either be used for standalone analysis or can be imported into MVPLUS for spatial modelling, market mapping and profiling:

UK Census Data

Valuable data for mapping and reporting to assist in territory/catchment evaluation and local market assessment.

Population Projections

Understand the changing face of demographics to understand how markets will evolve and strategies can be developed to take advantage of emerging opportunities.  

Media Data

A comprehensive set of media boundaries and accompanying data to understand how different media channels can be used to target key consumer audiences.

Retail Data

Unrivalled detail about the UK's retail landscape for use in a wide range of analyses including store locations analysis, store performance, competitor analysis and catchment analysis.


Anonymised DVLA data at local area level covering over 35 million vehicles registered in the UK and market sets are available for cars, commercial vehicles and motor-cycles.

Demand Estimates

If you're entering new markets or analysing existing ones our spend estimates can help you understand consumer demand.

Market Research Data

Where you don't have any customer data, either because you don't collect it, or because you're looking to break into a new market, market research data can be used as a proxy.

Workplace Data

CAMEO Workplace provides a powerful tool for retailers to profile weekday 9-5 populations to optimise promotion strategies based on the work day populations.

To learn more about our demographic data and other local area datasets please contact us and one of our expects will be in contact with you shortly.