Media Data - planning above-the-line campaigns across different media

media iconAlthough above-the-line marketing speaks to the masses, you can still support your activity with a certain degree of demographic targeting to reduce wasted costs and ensure you are using the right message for your audience.

As an upgrade to MVPLUS, our Media Data Pack provides a comprehensive set of media boundaries and accompanying data for marketing planning.

The data is provided at post sector level and can be easily mapped, analysed and reported on to understand how different media channels can be used to target key consumer audiences. It focuses on different media channels including Television, Radio and Newspaper and enables you to visualise the geographic spread of media catchments whilst also understanding the geodemographic composition of these areas.

  • BARB TV Regions
  • ISBA TV Regions
  • Radio Station Broadcast Areas
  • Regional Paid Press Circulation Areas
  • Free Sheet Newspaper Circulation Areas
  • Standard Marketing Regions
  • Government Office Regions

Media analysis will help you identify the media channels that cover the area that you wish to target, which may be a store or branch catchment area for example. You can assess the proportion of your target area that is covered by each media type, allowing you to appreciate which media channels are best able to convey your message.

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