Demand Estimates - local area estimates of consumer spending

demand estimates iconIf you're entering new markets or analysing existing ones you no doubt need to understand consumer demand. Our spend estimates can give you this insight.

We work with a wide range of Market Research companies to provide insight on market sizing in the form of demand estimates.

Market research questions are used in conjunction with CAMEO intelligence to understand consumer expenditure on a wide range of products and services by different geodemographic groups. These insights are then applied across national and local markets and provided as files at post sector, post district or post area level.

When mapped thematically in MVPLUS users can clearly pinpoint areas of highest demand and see where demand is low. This knowledge can be used in a variety of ways to:

  • Identify areas of untapped potential
  • Set sales targets
  • Forecast sales revenues
  • Assess market penetration
  • Benchmark sales performance
  • Plan local marketing support

To find out more about our demand estimates solutions contact us and one of our consultants will contact you shortly.