China Data Sets

Demographic data and geographic segmentation for effective planning

Whether you are taking your first steps into the Chinese market or are an established player with an extensive retail footprint it is essential to understand the dynamics of this vast, challenging market. Perhaps you are planning a flagship store in Beijing, or targeting a phased rollout into lower tier cities; benchmarking existing store performance to understand ‘Critical Success Factors’ or screening future mall developments - for all these objectives, and more, GMAP have the datasets, the tools and the experience to help you minimise risk and ultimately make the right decision.

The datasets we have developed in China encompass both Demand and Supply. A selection of these include:


  • A wealth of City-level indicators for 2,000+ cities allowing quick and easy City Screening exercises to be performed
  • Township-level demographics and socio-economic data
  • Township-level demand estimates for a range of product categories and a proven methodology to disaggregate additional categories to this geography as required


  • Geocoded store locations belonging to a basket of 130+ brands across 50+ cities, regularly verified by on-the-ground surveys
  • Every mall, department store, outlet and shopping street (Retail Sub-Centres) defined with the above retail locations assigned to the Sub-Centre it belongs
  • Multiple Retail Sub-Centres clustered where appropriate into larger Retail Centres
  • Comprehensive database of future retail developments China-wide with information including developer, target open date, size and known tenants

To learn more about our Chinese data and how our analytical methodology has been successfully adapted to the Chinese market contact us.