CAMEO Workplace

CAMEO Workplace provides a unique way of profiling andunderstanding weekday 9-5 populations at small area level.People icon orange

  • It can be described as ‘a profile of workplace centres’ - of where people are during the day rather than the DM alternative of profiling residential areas.
  • As such it provides a powerful tool for retailers to be able to analyse and plan their outlet network and optimise their product, promotion and resourcing strategies based on populations that are present through the working week.
  • By combining Census Journey To Work Data with the CAMEO Classifications suite, CAMEO Workplace is available in 5 varieties enabling users to understand local markets from 5 dimensions:
    • CAMEO UK - for understanding the geo-demographic and socio-economic make-up of daytime populations
    • CAMEO Income - for assessing the income profiles of workplace markets
    • CAMEO Financial - for evaluating the credit risk profiles of daytime consumers
    • CAMEO Investor - for understanding the financial sophistication of workplace populations
    • CAMEO Property - for assessing the house price of working consumers
  • It is available at either Post Sector or at Census Output Area Level.
  • For each area, the population and percentage population breakdown by CAMEO Code is provided.
  • For example for CAMEO UK, postal sector LS3 1 may be made up of:
Daytime Population Count % Daytime Population CAMEO UK Category
10,086 15% 1A
6,724 10% 1B
4,707 7% 1C
1,345 2% 1D
13,449 20% 2D
23,536 35% 3A
3,362 5% 3B
4,035 6% 3D
Total Population of 67,244 100% of Daytime Population  
  • Each CAMEO Classification category and their key demographic and socio-economic characteristics are described in the quick reference table in the brochure.