Demographic data and geographic segmentation that empowers you to understand your market

Whether you are making decisions about your retail networks, setting sales targets or planning local marketing support, for any business it is vital to understand their markets at a local level. To achieve this you need access to the most recent and accurate local area datasetsdemographic information and geographic segmentation systems.

Local area datasets & demographic information

We have a number of demographic data sets available at postcode, post sector or output area level. These can be supplied as standalone directories or delivered within MVPLUS for in depth reporting, geographic segmentation and visualisation – enabling you with the market intelligence you need to make informed decisions. Read all about them using the links down the right hand side.

Analyse your customers and demographic using CAMEO

We have a comprehensive suite of consumer classification systems, which includes the CAMEO family of segmentations. These tools can help you group your customers into groups of like-minded consumers.

Find out more about our country specific datasets in the ...

To learn more about our demographic data and other local area datasets please contact us. Alternatively for more information on our customer segmentation tools visit our CAMEO page.

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