Get your brand in front of the right customers, in the right location

All over the world retailers and brands have the same challenge: to identify the right locations for their brand and customers.

Our GMAP team has developed a growing suite of RetailVision classifications across international markets. RetailVision provides a ranked list of retail centres across a market, clustering stores for a portfolio of over 200 international brands (including Food & Beverage) and key local retailers.

Retail Centres are classified by type - downtown/suburban, shopping mall/street - and contain an inventory of brands that have a presence in this area and have an associated centre catchment definition. In all markets we have small area demographics and can provide local customised estimates for demand for key products and retail sectors and blend our analysis and data with international market research data.

RetailVision intelligence helps retailers and brands to rank retail centres across cities, regions and countries in a scientific, consistent and timely manner. The software identifies the right retail environments given the presence of benchmark and competitor brands, to measure a market's potential, monitor market share performance and crucially estimate the revenue potential of new store openings.

Coupled with CAMEO, Callcredit has the capability to help retailers not only understand their customers but locate and target new consumers for their brand across the RetailVision centre hierarchy.

We have RetailVision classifications nationally or for key city regions in the following countries:

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We are constantly expanding our global range of RetailVision systems, so please contact us for the latest list of RetailVision countries and city regions.

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