TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

Trust Suite

As customers adopt new technologies and digital channels to engage with businesses they demand a smooth, fast and seamless online experience, with 39% of abandoned online bank applications being due to length of time the process took*. However, with 88% of identity fraud being committed online, being able to establish trust in the customer presenting themselves is crucial to protecting your business and your customers.

Balancing a positive online customer experience and being confident that customers using multiple devices to access online services are who they say they are can be tricky. How do you deliver the streamlined journey your customers expect whilst also ensuring adequate checks are in place to prevent fraudulent behaviour?

Trust Suite: Helping you establish trust in your customer's ID

Customer Experience And DecisioningTrust Suite consists of two new anti-impersonation checks, EmailID and MobileID. It establishes the number of positive associations between the ownership of an email address and/or telephone number. The source of these links is detailed giving you confidence that the applicant is associated with the details they’ve provided.

This method of identity verification has many advantages including:

  • Non-intrusive identity verification mechanism
  • Only requires details that are often provided as part of the customer’s application 
  • Supports straight-through-processing and minimal consumer interaction
  • Reduced customer abandonments as a result of streamlining the customer journey
  • Additional insight on email address and telephone number provided facilitates a more accurate assessment of overall fraud risk
  • Reduced costs associated with manual identity verification
  • Pay per match pricing means you only pay for results that you get value from

Trust Suite is available through CallValidate, Callcredit’s comprehensive suite of fraud and identity verification checks.

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†Fraudscape 2017