Data Breach Management - Noddle Protect

What would you do if your company suffered a data breach?

Let us help you protect your business' reputation and your customer's digital identity.

90% of large organisations reported that they had suffered a security breach during 2015, up from 81% in 2014. An intrusion incident costs a UK company an average of £5.2million.*

If your organisation suffers a data breach, you’ve got to act fast. In the space of a just few hours, news of a breach can spread immeasurably, and to devastating effect. The lasting impact to a company’s reputation can be far more damaging than the initial fines.

That’s why to protect your business, you need to put in place thorough measures to safeguard your reputation. This means keeping your customers informed, reassured, and helping to protect their identities every step of the way.

Noddle Protect allows you to put in place a tailor-made plan to make sure you communicate consistently and effectively to your customers from the moment a breach strikes.

Protecting your customers and safeguarding your reputation:

  • It gives your customers the ability to monitor their credit files and react to changes which may indicate fraud
  • It offers your customers proactive monitoring and alerts for 12 months, flagging up potential areas of concern
  • Our in-house Resolution Team will be on hand to react to flagged changes, potential concerns and corrections in a customer’s credit file
  • Your customers will get the support they need, with online advice and tips on the protection and prevention of fraud
  • If the worst should happen, there is free access to our Victim of Fraud service for affected customers
  • Webwatch monitors the dark web and alerts customers if their details are found

Data Breach Management Pack includes:

  • A PR pack with example communications for you, your customer and media facing teams - reassuringly professional and set up ready to go
  • Training information for frontline staff and telesales teams detailing the benefits of Noddle Protect, sign up instructions and notes on how to protect yourself from fraud
  • Ongoing support and communications for those customers who sign up to Noddle

*2015, Information Security Breaches Survey, PwC

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