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GeoFraud - predicting fraud accurately at postcode level

Would you like to be able to identify potential risk of fraud by simply looking at a customer's postcode?

GeoFraud is a powerful segmentation tool which detects and prevents fraud, reduces operational costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Using a sophisticated blend of data, GeoFraud produces a postcode level fraud index that can be used to add value to at any stage of the customer lifecycle, from acquiring new business to managing existing customers.

GeoFraud accurately identifies the potential risk of fraud at postcode level enabling the prioritisation of fraud referral queues and the fast tracking of good customer applications.

GeoFraud enables you to identify those customers who have moved from a low risk fraud area to a high risk fraud area quickly and easily throughout your customer management process. GeoFraud will also enable you to identify potential account takeover fraud and highlight accounts which require further investigation.

GeoFraud will enable you to discover the best delivery strategies for you, adapting for high risk postcodes where there is greater potential for lost or stolen goods.

GeoFraud is not dependent on specific application level data, which enables wider use across all areas of the customer lifecycle for both credit based and non-credit based applications.

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