AssetWatch - Track your devices to reduce fraud & mitigate loss

Device trackingWhat’s the problem?

As mobile phones, laptops and other portable devices get more powerful and complex, they also become increasingly desirable. This has created a very profitable secondhand market where thieves, fraudsters (or even dishonest employees) look to trade them for cash. It’s an especially profitable opportunity as smart phones and other mobile devices are notoriously difficult to track.

How can our alerts help you reduce your loss?

AssetWatch is our fast, accurate solution to this problem – giving you the intelligence you need to stop this trade. It uses the footprint of thousands of traders to monitor and alert you to any unauthorised trade of company assets.

Our device management solution focuses on four common business areas:

Corporate Asset Management  

Corporate Asset Management

Asset management teams find managing and monitoring the loss of phones and portable devices difficult. So we work with them to provide early warning alerts when fraudulent behaviour which needs acting on is detected.


Goods Lost in Transit

This is a major problem - and cost - for many online retailers. Claims for ‘loss’ in transit are very high and difficult to monitor. Some frauds are organised, others opportunistic. We monitor devices until they reach their intended recipient and also make sure devices reported ‘lost’ are visible to the Police – making their job of finding them much easier.

Sold Subject To Finance  

Sold Subject to Finance

When a phone or mobile device is rented or leased, it is often still the property of the finance provider. AssetWatch alerts financiers and lenders as soon as monitored devices are offered into second-hand markets, so they can take swift action to avoid missed payments and recover their assets.

Reatil Warehouse  

Retail, warehouse & distribution stock leakage

We monitor stock in real-time for many high-street retailers, warehouses and other distribution facilities to prevent stock leakage and discourage internal theft. The intelligence we provide is used to complement existing stock management and allows employers to give a warning that devices are all ‘visible’ to police.


How our device tracking works

We track your devices using:

  • Monitoring - Gathering real-time data from police, insurers, retailers/traders/pawnshops and online consumer market places to identify activity related to monitored devices.
  • Alerting - We send an alert whenever we discover that someone is attempting to trade your device.

Benefits of device management:


Identify fraud early to reduce loss/theft


Early warning alerts help to recover lost assets


Immediate and tangible return on investment

Contact us today to find out more about device management, and we’ll demonstrate how much you can save by analysing your historical records