Social Media Readiness Audit

Understand who's talking about your brand, what they're saying and where they're saying it with our social media readiness audit.

Most consumer organisations in the UK have established a social presence of some kind. However, our experience is that in many cases it has not being exploited fully and is operated in isolation from the main marketing programme. Research confirms consumers are more likely to trust a communication from someone they know than a brand or company. So how can social media be used to promote sharing and participation in support of your objectives?

To help answer such gaps, we have created a methodology for rapidly assessing the current situation across a wide range of social environments. To ensure relevancy, Callcredit will engage with your business prior to the audit to understand your key business objectives that will drive the direction of the audit and the resultant recommendations. Our work is typically undertaken within a two week timeframe and includes seven key components: 

  • Conversation Audit
  • Influencer Mapping
  • Competitor Review
  • Social Prominence
  • Mobile App Review
  • Website Social Integration Audit
  • Recommendations
Social Media Audit Findings and Recommendations
Based on the audit output and the key business objectives outlined at the start of the process, Callcredit will outline all the key findings of the report.  Key recommendations for implementing future social media strategy will also be included.


"Callcredit's social readiness audit has provided us with new insights into how our guests talk about and engage with our hotels and services across the UK. The work has provided us with an actionable foundation for our social engagement programme moving forward, not just in the UK but also as an input to our other territories."

Director of Marketing UKI, Marriott Hotels Limited

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