Tailored Social Audiences

Tailored Social Audiences give you the ability to target your social media advertising using 300+ consumer attributes. By understanding who you’re communicating with, you can tailor your messaging to be more relevant to the individual, ultimately boosting your response rates.

Use Tailored Social Audiences to improve your:

  • Customer engagement
    Communicate smarter with your current customers. Whether you’re looking to increase loyalty, cross-sell and up-sell products, or encourage them to refer a friend. 

  • Customer acquisition
    Add a new level to your multi-channel campaigns. Social media also helps you reach more new prospects that are hard to reach through traditional channels. 

  • Campaign suppressions
    If your product or service isn’t available to everyone (e.g. certain geographical areas, bad credit history) you can use the same technology to suppress individuals from your campaign.
  • Brand awareness
    Be seen by more of your target market through this cost effective channel. 

Over 300 targeting variables available:

Social platforms currently offers very basic targeting based on the information a user volunteers on their profile e.g. age, gender, likes. With over 300 targeting variables, our insight team can build bespoke models to perfectly match your business need. Allowing combinations of offline and online data currently unavailable through standard social targeting. Lifestage triggers are also available for time dependant offers.

Example offline variables Example triggers
Income and expenditure Insurance renewal dates
Lifestyle and interests Moving home
Property prices Retirement
Credit risk  

Reach over 40% of UK households through social networks

Our data allows you to reach typically 40% of UK households and our targeting ensures your social adverts are shown exclusively to your tailored audiences. Adverts can be run on desktops and mobiles but also on pages outside of social networks, whilst still benefiting from the same precision targeting.

Get in touch to discuss how Tailored Social Audiences can help you expand your reach, and increase your return on ad spend