Conversion Rate Optimisation

Latitude's (part of Callcredit Information Group) Conversion Project service eliminates the guesswork from web design. By investigating weaknesses and current performance through research, optimum web site designs are created and put to the test in an optimisation experiment with the winner being installed on site. Whether AB testing, MVT or improving whole user journeys, it delivers:

  • Long-term benefits to site performance
  • Conversion rate improvements unachievable by campaign management alone
  • Guaranteed ROI on your investment

Why Latitude?

With our tried-and-trusted optimisation process, we have yet to deliver an unsuccessful Conversion Project. That means all experiments to date have delivered conversion rate uplifts. We’re so confidence in the Conversion Project method that we can offer clients 100% performance-based pricing models, as opposed to the flat, any-result-same-price that is typical.

In this model, we are not rewarded unless a pre-determined conversion rate uplift is delivered. In short:

  • Our Conversion Project has a 100% success rate
  • We are only rewarded if specific uplift targets are met
  • The 100% Performance Model is an exclusive Latitude offering 

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