CallMonitor - The UK’s Leading Daily Alerts Service

If something happens to your client's profile that is likely to affect your view of their potential to pay, wouldn't it be better to know immediately rather than find out at the end of the month?

By enabling you to monitor events such as missed payments, significant total balance changes, new County Court Judgments (CCJs), bankruptcies and CIFAS filings on a daily basis, CallMonitor is an aid to responsible lending, helping you to protect your customers from over-indebtedness.

Recent analysis on changes in customer accounts shows that over a three month period, over 50% of all customers experience some change in their credit profile.

This valuable information often goes unnoticed, meaning that early warning signs that may impact revenue are not attended to.

CallMonitor is simple and easy to use. Just send your source files to Callcredit and we will process them and identify any alerts. CallMonitor will send your triggered alerts on a daily basis as and when there are changes to your customers' credit profiles.

Why Choose CallMonitor?

  • We're four years ahead in our thinking and customer experience
  • We have more than 250 triggers that allow for more tailored solutions
  • We are able to give context to the current trigger in the light of what's happened in the last month, by way of counts and scores
  • We are able to provide packets of triggers that are tailored towards, risk, collections and recoveries or fraud avoidance objectives
  • We can conduct retro analysis to tailor solutions and help generate business case and insight ahead of implementation

Our daily alert service is unique, consistently delivering returns greater than 10 times the cost of the CallMonitor investment on dormant portfolios.