TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

Affordability Capacity & Screening

Discover your customer's real affordability

With increased regulatory attention, indebtedness levels remaining high and many consumers suffering from an unprecedented squeeze on their disposable incomes a robust affordability assessment is an increasingly crucial aspect of credit management.

Affordability Screening and Affordability Capacity utilise our experience and expertise working with affordability data to provide a complete service for identifying consumer indebtedness and assessing affordability.

Affordability Screening - compares debt commitments and living expenses against income held to provide a view on whether a new line or extension of credit is affordable to the consumer.

Affordability Capacity - stresses a customer’s mortgage payment by up to a rise of 5% (in 0.5% increments) and combines with existing unsecured debt commitments and a cost of living value.

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