Triggers for Lead Generation

Improve conversion rates and reduce your CPA by reaching out to customers and prospects at the right time.

Timing is crucial in getting a consumer to convert. Our Define marketing database offers a wide range of "right-offer right-time" trigger variables for customer communication and lead generation.

From knowing when someone is planning to move home or when their car insurance renewal date is, to when it's their birthday or if they are about to hit an age milestone. Incorporating this trigger data into your communications strategy is proven to increase marketing ROI and to improve the customer experience.

If your requirement is more specific, we can set up live surveys and bespoke lead generation websites to create real-time sales leads, pre-verified and pre-scored for customer acquisition. Our online lead generation services let you survey UK consumers with your own questions to identify and target them when they are in 'buying mode' and when most receptive to specific offers.

We already provide lead generation services for major brands in the Utilities, Charities, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Automotive sectors supplying them with high quality sales leads.

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