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CAMEO Welfare - understanding and assessing social deprivation

Welfare segmentation data by postcodesSocial deprivation affects a significant proportion of the UK population. Understanding which consumers are affected and to what extent can have a dramatic impact on targeting strategy.

CAMEO Welfare is a unique, reliable and comprehensive indicator of poverty throughout the UK. It draws on a range of Government statistics and in-depth postcode level datasets to assess every UK neighbourhood; enabling better customer understanding and more accurate prospect screening.

CAMEO Welfare provides a key differentiator - segmenting consumers by levels of deprivation across cities, towns and rural areas. Within these geographical areas the classification drills down into 28 groups, where 28 is the most disadvantaged and 1 is the least.

Each segment takes into account a range of factors that contribute to poverty and deprivation including:

• Quality of environment
• Levels of crime
• General health
• Levels of unemployment
• Educational attainment
• Income levels

CAMEO Welfare can be used in isolation or to enhance targeting selections from the other CAMEO Classifications.

For more information download the CAMEO Welfare reference table