TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

CAMEO UK - It's dynamic, extremely discriminative and altogether different from the rest

CAMEO UK - It's dynamic, extremely discriminative and altogether different from the rest

CAMEO UK gives you:

  • Accurate and discriminative segments
  • Dynamic updates – regular rebuilds, not static view
  • Multi-level targeting – individual & household as well as postcode
  • Multi-dimensional – views consumers through a series of different lenses
  • Flexible and sustainable build process - meaning new data sources can be added iteratively
  • Real-time consumer attitude view through CAMEO overlays on YouGov panels and daily polls
  • Insightful collateral and heightened usability

Unrivalled customer segmentation power:

CAMEO segments over 50 million consumers into 68 distinct categories and 10 key groups. A series of additional 'lenses' are also available, viewing CAMEO against different dimensions such as lifestage, digital usage and thought groups.  

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Key applications:

  • Enhance and segment consumer databases
  • Understand your customers and responders through profiling
  • Appreciate real-time attitudes through all YouGov’s surveys, including their daily opinion polls
  • Locate more prospects by finding ‘look-a-likes’ through targeted direct mail, email, social, mobile, landline, door-to-door or leaflet campaigns
  • Screen campaign lists
  • Perform advanced statistical analysis and develop targeting models
  • Perform catchment area and site location analysis
  • Use market potential insights in strategic planning, setting sales targets and evaluating site performance
  • Understand risk and align prices accordingly

Dynamically different:

Built with dynamic links to Callcredit's flagship consumer database, Define, CAMEO accurately reflects changing consumer characteristics. It recognises that people move between segments when they experience:

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Using the latest modelling techniques, combined with a modular approach, CAMEO UK has been developed to flexibly incorporate data from new sources anytime to support the ever expanding availability of data types. Amongst others, the existing build comprises:

  • Callcredit’s Population Map – the UK adult population universe
  • Define Data – over 800 consumer insights
  • Census Data – over 400 Census variables
  • Government Open Data – wide ranging registers and property data
  • YouGov Data – attitudinal research data
  • TGI Data – buying behaviour and brand data
  • Risk Data – public adverse credit data

Part of a global suite:

  • CAMEO has unrivalled global coverage and is available for over 40 markets
  • Each CAMEO Classification comes with a unique international code
  • Enables integration of marketing segmentation and strategy across borders