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Green and Ethical Segmentation - understanding consumer attitudes towards green and ethical issues

The Green & Ethical segmentation assesses the way in Ethical & Green Consumer Segmentationwhich consumers think about and act upon environmental and ethical concerns in their daily lives;  whether through their purchase of goods and services, their consideration of provider or in their individual attempts to make a difference.

Built using comprehensive YouGov survey data in conjunction with our Define consumer universe, this unique classification segments individuals based on their behaviours and attitudes towards green and ethical issues at a local, national and global scale.

It considers such factors as:

• Environmental awareness, views and feelings
• Green living - including energy, transport, garden and recycling
• Eco and ethical shopping
• Green and ethical finances

Green and Ethical

Green & Ethical segments the whole of the UK population into 13 groups. Each group is described in detail in the Green & Ethical handbook.

Request a sample copy of the Green & Ethical Handbook and see the depth of insight you can unlock on YOUR customers.