Connected - a consumer segmentation tool for assessing technology usage

Technology is changing people's lives; the way theCustomer Technology Useage Segmentation y spend their money and their time, and the way they communicate, confer and consider. It's also influencing the way in which they respond and ultimately the way in which they wish to interact.

The Connected segmentation and profiling tool helps you understand how technology impacts your customers' day to day lives; enabling you to use this intelligence to inform your multi-channel marketing strategy to the full.

Connected is an individual level consumer segmentation system which has been built to help organisations connect with existing and prospective customers by assessing their level of technology usage and understanding their attitudes and behaviours.

Connected looks at all types of technology and the ways in which consumers interact with them to support and enhance their lives; whether it is in the purchase of goods and services or in their pursuit of entertainment and knowledge:

• Computer ownership, internet access & online behaviour
• Mobile phone ownership, use & spend
• Purchasing via devices
• On-the-go entertainment
• Home entertainment including television

The Connected customer profiling tool segments the whole of the UK population into 5 broad technology groups and 23 more detailed categories for customer segmentation, customer analysis and customer profiling.

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