CAMEO Property Plus - gauging household wealth through property plus

Being able to discriminate consumers by bothConsumer Property Plus Segmentation through property price
their standard and cost of living provides valuable insight for customer analytics and prospect targeting. Residential property valuations and council tax bands present such a measure and CAMEO Property Plus is unique in the marketplace, providing exactly this intelligence for every household in Great Britain.

CAMEO Property Plus highlights the vast variations that can exist in house prices across a postcode, especially when there is a mixture of property types present. This level of accuracy in understanding property valuations can help you obtain a clear picture of your customers and ensure that recruitment, retention and cross-sell campaigns are targeted as precisely as possible.

CAMEO Property Plus enables you to aim your direct marketing activity using either the specific property price or council tax band. So whether you are promoting luxury goods or charity appeals to one end of the market, or offering lower value products on finance to the other end, accurate targeting has never been easier.

CAMEO Property Plus can be used in isolation or to enhance targeting selections from the other CAMEO Classifications.