CAMEO Personal Finance: delivering insights into financial strategy segments

A unique and powerful tool for assessing an individual'sUK consumer financial behaviour segments and analysis
financial characteristics, helping you focus on the type of customer you're looking for, while better understanding the ones you've got.

Through five distinct classifications you can dig deep into the financial behaviour, activities and preferences of UK consumers to pinpoint groups of like-minded prospects.

Built using data from the YouGov market research panel and our Core consumer universe, CAMEO Personal Finance is delivered as five distinct and easy-to-interpret classifications, enabling you to segment, profile and target on any of the following financial criteria:

• Credit behaviour
• Personal savings
• Investment activity
• Attitudes to personal finance
• Channel preference

For more detailed segmentation you can combine CAMEO Personal Finance with CAMEO Lifestyle to introduce age, income, lifestage and lifestyle into your analysis.

Targeting selections may also be enhanced by combining with any of the other CAMEO Classifications.

For more information download the CAMEO Personal Finance reference table