CAMEO Lifestyle: delivering key insights with consumer lifestyle segmentation data

All too often companies are lacking crucialConsumer Lifestyle Data & Segmentation
nuggets of data about their customers: how old they are, what standard of living they have - never mind an understanding of their lifestyle. This kind of intelligence is fundamental to any marketing strategy aimed at finding new customers, building loyalty and increasing lifetime value.

CAMEO Lifestyle is a unique household segmentation tool, which has been developed to help marketers understand their customers better. Designed around a simple 3-digit code, it is both easy to use and interpret.

The CAMEO Lifestyle codes describe the typical age, lifestage and relative income level of consumer households. As its name suggests it also illustrates the lifestyle characteristics of each household in terms of their family status, housing characteristics, buying behaviours, financial preferences and interests.

Providing complete coverage of the UK it makes use of our comprehensive range of data sources to deliver a highly discriminative classification for customer profiling and prospect targeting.

CAMEO Lifestyle can be used in isolation or to enhance targeting selections from the other CAMEO Classifications.

For more information download the CAMEO Lifestyle reference table