CAMEO Choices - understanding behaviours and choices

Everyone makes choices in life - what to buy, whcameo choices iconere to go, how much and how long to spend... As marketers our main objective is to fully understand the choices that consumers make and use this intelligence to successfully drive our customer recruitment and retention campaigns.

CAMEO Choices provides a suite of propensity models, which score the UK consumer universe based on the tendency of each household to exhibit certain lifestyle traits and purchasing behaviours. With an array of CAMEO Choices models to choose from, these unique lifestyling systems can be used to identify and target the key consumer groups that will be most receptive to your offer.

Each CAMEO Choices variable works by tagging every UK household with a score. It's simple - the higher the score, the more likely they are to purchase that particular product or take part in that activity.

The CAMEO Choices scores can be used in a number of ways: either by combining them with other targeting tools, using them in isolation to create list selections, 'topping up' list volumes or inputting them into bespoke targeting models.

CAMEO Choices can be used in isolation or to enhance targeting selections from the other CAMEO Classifications.

For more information download the CAMEO Choices reference table