Understand Global Spend Capacity Using IncomeFocus

Identify affluence-levels of your customers and prospects across 40 nations with Callcredit’s unique IncomeFocus solution. IncomeFocus provides an accurate income measure at an ultra-granular level in local currency to reveal exactly who can afford to spend what.

IncomeFocus CAMEO Analysis

Created using the most precise and comprehensive datasets available within each nation, IncomeFocus is proven to correlate strongly with ‘actual’ wage levels and, unlike similar products in the marketplace, uses local currencies rather than an arbitrary index or score.

Income is proven to correlate strongly with propensity to use a product or service. IncomeFocus provides a global affluence solution with local focus - allowing marketers and analysts to embed this key piece of consumer intelligence at the heart of their marketing programme.

Benefits of IncomeFocus

  • Optimise customer acquisition by targeting only those prospects that can afford your product/service
  • Tailor marketing communications based on wealth and prosperity
  • Align marketing activities with credit, insurance and fraud risk policy
  • Maximise branch profitability by aligning product mix with the earnings of your customers
  • Understand branch potential based on the affordability of your catchment

IncomeFocus map