Recruit & Retain Profitable Policyholders Using CAMEO

Insurers across the globe use CAMEO from Callcredit to boost the acquisition and retention of profitable policyholders.

Identify the CAMEO characteristics of profitable, low-risk policyholders. Understand where more of these individuals live and how you can target them.

Maximise Recruitment, Retention & Life-Time Value

Which of your motor policyholders most closely ‘look like’ loyal home customers? Maximise cross-sell, life-time value and retention at point of renewal by communicating with customers in highly relevant, personalised ways.

Optimise Policy Pricing

Comply with data privacy legislation and plug the gap left by the EU gender-rating directive. Use CAMEO to uncover the hidden attributes that influence insurance risk to optimise policy pricing at the point of quote.

Understand how income influences how your policyholders and prospects behave with our new IncomeFocus solution.

Benefits of CAMEO for Insurance

  • Boost customer acquisition ROI
  • Cross-sell policyholders between home, motor, life, health etc
  • Maximise retention via personalised, highly relevant renewal communications
  • Optimise pricing of policies based on claim/fraud risk
  • Plug the gap left by the EU gender-rating directive
  • Adopt a single marketing and pricing approach and repeat across 40 markets

Global CAMEO map