How online lead generation works

Working with hundreds of online and offline partners Callcredit give consumers the opportunity to request more information about your products and services. Data can be segmented based on a number of variables to allow for extremely targeted and personal one-to-one communications.

Lead generation process summary

how1 Consumer groups are targeted on a per campaign basis to deliver you the right kind of prospects for your business.
how2 Callcredit uses proprietary technology to collect, verify and enhance consumer data to ensure clients receive the freshest possible leads for ongoing marketing communications.
 how3 Consumer prospects that pass the Callcredit verification process can be sent to clients in real-time for outbound telephone calls or other client based communication triggers. Real-Time leads are delivered daily with Hot Key Transfers to help you act quickly to write new business
 how4 Callcredit clients only ever pay for a highly engaged verified lead from within the target market.


A working client example

a working client example

Converting prospects into customers

Once we have found, targeted and obtained positive opt-in consumers for you, the next stage is to ensure a smooth conversion from prospect to customer. We have years of experience working with clients directly to nurture and build success post opt-in conversion through a variety of channels:

converting1 Full eCRM Campaign
As well as delivering the perfect lead and automatic triggered response, we are able to build and deploy a full eCRM programme over a set period of time to both automate and maximise conversions for you.
converting2 Outbound Telephone
Data can be delivered real-time direct to call centres for outbound telephone activity. Calls can be made within minutes of a lead being processed and verified.
converting3 Live Triggered Email
We can deliver an email to the consumer’s inbox seconds after the lead has been generated and verified.


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