Ensuring data quality

To ensure excellent consumer engagement and conversion rates, we put data quality at the heart of the process, ensuring you receive the correct details from the right type of consumer, generating the right type of response.

Quality1 Address verification
Addresses are shown to the consumer using a PAF Lookup tool once they have submitted their postcode. This confirms that the address exists.
Quality2 Residency verification
Using multiple data check points, including the Electoral roll, BT OSIS and NCOA we can confirm the named consumer in the household identified.
Quality3 Email verification
We screen the captured data for common syntax errors and can send a triggered email in real-time on successful form completion to remove any soft or hard bounce email data.
Quality4 Telephone verification
All telephone numbers are verified at source against multiple files including BT OSIS. Mobile data is verified as “active sim” within the previous 48 hours.
Quailty5 Credit risk & affordability analysis
Where applicable Callcredit can apply credit risk and affordability analysis to the consumer records collected and identify trends that may influence the type of product offered.


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