Online Lead Generation

In order to generate new business opportunities it's vital that you have access to a regular source of fresh, high quality and responsive leads delivered in real-time, as and when you need them.

Callcredit's Online Lead Generation service lets you survey UK consumers with your own questions to identify and target consumers when they are in 'buying mode' and when they are at their most receptive to your offers. Our comprehensive end to end service ensures that leads are verified, qualified and ripe for conversion.

Want to find more consumers who have seen your brand and said “Yes, please tell me more”?

Obtaining consumer consent lets you to engage in 1-2-1 dialogue with prospective customers at the start of their decision making process. We can give you qualified leads to convert into new customers just minutes after their positive opt-in decision. Once opt-in is obtained for your brand, full consumer details and permissions become your property for on-going use. Using our Online Lead Generation model we believe you can attain more new customers for less than you are currently paying.

Where do the leads come from?

OLG image 1 Over 5 million consumer survey responses collected per month
OLG image2 Surveys are geo-demographically targeted so that only your ideal customer types are exposed to your brand and given the opportunity to opt-in
OLG image3 120,000+ New registrations to our sites per month supplying a minimum of: title, first name, last name, gender, email, postal, telephone, DOB
OLG image4 Non-incentivised model, consumer self certifies their interest without being given an incentive to do so
OLG image5 In-house media buying and marketing give you access to prospective groups on a performance basis. Channels include: search, email, display, mobile, social


All data is processed and verified meaning only the leads you need are passed onto you. This ensures no waste, no extra costs and most importantly no wasted time. We are one of the UK’s largest Online Lead Generation providers and having worked with clients including Scottish Power, British Gas and SAGA we know we can deliver the highest quality leads to your brand too.

Get in touch to discuss how online lead generation can bring you more new customers

We have run surveys outside of the the UK so please do get in touch if you have have an international requirement.

Looking for Lifestyles Online? In 2013 Callcredit acquired Lifestyles Online Ltd, regarded as the UK’s leading provider of online lead generation activity. Now registered as Callcredit Lead Generation Limited and trading as Callcredit Information Group.