Marketing Consultancy & Analytics

The customer journey is fundamental to any marketing strategy. Make your customer journey as rewarding as possible - for you and your customers - with the help of Callcredit Information Group's marketing consultancy, planning and analysis services.

Using our proven consulting model, we'll help you discover new customer opportunities, turning each one into a value-generating exercise. Our marketing consultants are experienced in marketing strategy, planning and analysis, so you can be confident you'll get the results you need, fast.

When it comes to implementing our recommendations, you'll receive continual support. Working with you - from conception through to rollout and evaluation - we'll ensure you achieve your marketing objectives and gain a better return on your marketing investment.

Strategy and Planning Solutions

Our strategy and planning experts bridge the gap between your marketing objectives and practical tactics. Our consultants can work with you to create a marketing plan to ensure resources are allocated to the best opportunities, for example to increase sales or customer retention. Our consultants use experience, frameworks and templates, to engage with you using a series of steps which typically include:

  • Marketing diagnostic to assess gaps and identify the best opportunities
  • Business case modelling to support investment decisions
  • Scoping and planning practical steps to implement strategy
  • Customer journey design
  • Data planning and campaign design
  • Selection and delivery of metrics to evaluate marketing performance

Our Tried and Tested Process

Marketing Consultancy

Analytical Solutions

Many clients don't have sufficient time or specialised resource to conduct marketing analysis in-house, which is why we put together a dedicated team of marketing analysts to do the work for you. Combining over 70 years' experience with the use of proprietary software and data solutions, we deliver unrivalled services to help you achieve more-accurately targeted marketing campaigns - both in the UK and worldwide.

Solutions include:

  • Demographic and geodemographic profiling
  • In-depth behavioural profiling
  • Campaign, response and conversion analysis
  • Acquisition and Conversion targeting
  • Cross sell and up sell solutions
  • Retention and reactivation modelling
  • Behavioural, Motivational and Demographic Segmentation
  • Attitudinal research and analysis

Example Analysis Services:

From simple profiling through to complex behavioural modelling, we'll help you predict purchase propensity and churn, driving consumer value through dedicated services, including:

  • Profiling Analysis - compare customer groups or profile customers against a national or regional base across a range of personal, household and geodemographic characteristics. Use your internal behavioural data to understand the true relationship you have with your customers.
  • Prospect Scoring - we deliver bespoke targeting models to help you optimise customer acquisition and conversion.
  • Customer Segmentation - segment customers using RFV, rule-based models or cluster analysis, using yours, ours and/or 3rd party data.
  • Attribution Modelling - we'll apply internal or research-based segmentation and propensity models onto your customer databases through extrapolation and data fusion.
  • Behavioural Modelling - predict key customer events e.g. churn, cross-sell, segment migration.
  • Campaign Evaluation - we'll analyse responses by data source as well as profiling and modelling of response/conversion and recommend improvement measures.

Specialist Software Tools