Consumer Insight Through a Wide Range of Data Variables

More consumer insights than you will ever need

As well as delivering the depth, it also provides the largest, most comprehensive breadth of consumer data variables that you'll ever need - bringing together all the consumer segmentations and models, with actual enquirer and transactional data.

You'll also be impressed to learn that we're busy integrating online and offline behaviours and intents within Define to ensure that with the right insights at the right time you can target the right people through the right channel with a message and a price that's just right for them!

The mailing list is available across a wide range of areas. See our consumer data variables infographic.

Summary of Define Data Variables

Individual Data

Household Data


Property Data

Pre-Mover Data & Mover Data

Mortgage Data

Income Data

Banking Data

Credit Risk Data

Credit Card Data

Loan Data

Technology Data

Pensions Data

Savings Data & Investments Data

Motorbike Data

Online Data

Mobile & Telephone Data

Hobbies Data & Interests Data

Media Regions Data        

Shopping Data

Charitable Donations Data

Green Data

Holiday Destination Data

Holiday Type Data

Ethical Data

Neighbourhood Data

Media Regions Data