Ever feel like you're wasting money on online advertising?

With Define API you can link your display ads, special offers or indeed your whole customer journey direct to the UK's most accurate and variable rich consumer database. Giving you the real-time insight needed to tailor your message and creative to the viewer. More relevance leads to more clicks, which leads to more sign-ups, more sales and a better ROI.

How does it work?

Understand the process in just over a minute with this short animation (there is sound)...


What insight is available?

Define offers over 300 data variables which cover general demographic and lifestyle characteristics, as well as industry specific insights for Retail, Travel, Insurance, Automotive, Financial Services, Utilities and Telcos. Get in touch to find out what variables are available to you through Define API.

How do I find out more?

Want to start getting more clicks for your money? Get in touch to discuss your requirements today