Delivering Data in Real-Time

Define API lets you match your customer and prospect data across multiple touch-points. Connecting you directly to award winning consumer insight, to facilitate real-time targeting and decisioning.

So whether someone is contacting your call centre, registering on your website or using your app, we can help you “know your customer” better than ever before.

Append consumer data in real-time:

  • Integrate into your web solution to empower seamless decisions as you engage with your customers
  • Gain insight into your customers based on variables bespoke to your requirements
  • Access multi-channel data to maximise your customer contact points and engagement

How can Define API enhance my real-time data?

Our UK consumer database Define is accessible via the API, alongside segmentation data from CAMEO.

With variables covering the retail and financial sectors; the accuracy and recency of data mean you get powerful targeting attributes at the point at which you require them. Gaining 24/7 access via your own interface to the variables you want.

With millions of records available for appending you can ensure you collect all the channel/contact details available to ensure you can reach your prospect and customers via their preferred method and increase your campaign conversions with the power of multichannel marketing.

Get in touch to find out how Define API can help you make real-time decisions based on real consumer insight.

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