Unrivalled Data Investment

Through our innovative and growing partnership programme we can boast unrivalled data investment across the widest base of providers anywhere! This is great for you because it means we're continually reinvesting in our consumer data assets. We help our contributors see real value on the balance sheet by monetising their data. And in return for a share of the profits, we are able to benefit our clients by confirming, refreshing and renewing our data continually.

To reach these remarkable volumes we do the following:

  • We load over 160 million records in any 12 month period from data that we've sourced from 80 contributing partners across ten verticals. For our clients this means that they have unfettered access to an unparalleled and unbiased multi-channel 360 degree view of the UK consumer base.
  • In any given month we see an average uplift of 500k new landlines, 350k new emails and 200k new mobiles, a volume that's increasing month on month.

When you consider how much data we need to load to achieve an uplift that's mighty impressive don't you think?

Our Data Investment Turnaround Times are Unbeatable

"We can boast unrivalled data investment across the widest base of providers anywhere"

stopclockWe're not daft; we understand that data requirements are often tight. That's why we're all set up to delight our customers with turnaround times that put our competitors to shame, whilst maintaining the levels of quality that you would expect. In fact in 99% of standard data exports we can deliver your data within 5 hours of placing an order.

If you don't believe us then put us to the challenge today!