Data Monetisation

Your waste data could be another business's hot leads

Insurance, finance and online retail providers gather vast amounts of information every day on consumers, even if they do not take up their product. Customer data, prospective enquiries and failed quotes can all provide companies with the opportunity to monetise data.

With the correct permissions, matching and cleansing routines, this data can be used for highly targeted direct marketing campaigns for similar and non-competing products, generating a value exchange for the data owner.

Since the information has been volunteered with the intention of buying a product, the resulting transactional data is highly accurate and relevant, especially when compared with data from traditional lifestyle sources. All of this means outstanding responsiveness to direct marketing.

Benefits of data monetisation

There are many benefits to data contributors such as:

  • Incremental revenue from otherwise unprofitable data
  • Revenues can be traded instead for new data from the pool

Callcredit has a strong track record of generating revenue from processing this data and using it for direct marketing, sharing revenue with the supplier of the records. Most importantly, we are the only organisation that rewards its contributors for providing data variables that add granularity and selectability to the data. 

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Looking for The Trading Floor? In 2011 Callcredit acquired UK data provider The Trading Floor Limited. Now registered as Callcredit Data Solutions Limited and trading as Callcredit Information Group.