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How much is IFRS9 really changing the collections landscape?

24 May 2017

James Connolly, Head of Debt and Utilities, Callcredit Information Group, recently wrote a piece for Credit Connect about the impact of IFRS9 in the collections industry.

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Avoiding data breaches: From the inside and out

08 May 2017

In recent years, businesses that have suffered data breaches are becoming the rule rather than the exception. In 2016 alone, 65% of large firms detected a cyber security breach or attack, and 25% of those experienced one at least every month. Yet, British businesses still do not know how to combat these crimes, or even report them, according to a recent report from Barclays and the Institute of Directors.

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Tackling the data dilemma - top tips for businesses

25 April 2017

There’s no doubt about it; data analysis is the lifeblood of modern marketing for organisations. Yet harnessing this information is no small feat - the amount of data at businesses’ fingertips today is colossal (and growing!). In fact, 90% of all data in the world today has been created in the last two years. Add to this the challenge of organising it, understanding it, and then translating it into valuable insights that can be used to drive business growth - it’s easy to see why many companies find the concept daunting.

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Speeding up the application process – a balancing act

10 April 2017

Digital technology is becoming a buzz word within many sectors, and none more so than the mortgage arena. Brokers and lenders alike are seeing a growing demand to process mortgage applications quicker, as consumers expectations become more attuned to a digital world and they expect faster turn-around times. More people than ever now use their smartphone to manage their finances, and the BBA forecasts that by 2020, 2.3 billion customers will be using their mobile to manage their current account – more than internet, branch and telephone banking put together. It’s important to adapt to this changing trend, and look for ways to speed things up.

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How affordability assessments can help minimise bad debts: guide to what utility companies need to do to ensure customers can afford their services

07 April 2017

Eamonn Tierney, managing director of Credit Solutions at Callcredit Information Group discusses how you as a utility provider can use affordability assessments to better determine whether consumers are able to afford your services. He believes that better assessment of affordability at the point of application and throughout the customer lifecycle is needed, in order to tackle the bad debt issue that effects the sector, comply with regulation and perhaps most importantly put fair customer treatment at the centre of practices.

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