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What is money laundering? | Infographic

Our latest infographic explores ‘What is Money Laundering?’ and highlights who needs to be performing anti-money laundering checks.

With money laundering on the rise, the infographic we have produced shows the process in which launderers disguise the illegal origin of assets so that it can’t be traced and linked to a crime.

We highlight recent cases and explore the benefits of electronic anti-money laundering checks.

Infographic - What is money laundering?


How can Callcredit help your business?

Our AML solutions have been designed to help you meet regulatory requirements in a fast and cost effective way

Anti-money Laundering (AML) Compliance

Our award winning anti-money laundering service (CallML) is currently used by thousands of clients across the regulated sector such as lenderslegal firmsaccountantsestate agentspawnbrokers, gamingcredit unions, money transfer, IFA's and high value automotive dealers to name a few.

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