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Royal Mail - CallValidate and CallValidate 3D


Royal Mail is the UK’s designated universal postal service provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities across the country. It is the only company that delivers a ‘one-price-goes-anywhere’, six-days-a-week service on a range of letters and parcels to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

Royal Mail wanted to drive the profitable growth of its online postal Redirection service, take on more legitimate customers, increase efficiency and save money.


  • As part of Royal Mail’s drive it wanted to ensure no corresponding increase in fraudulent Redirections or identity theft occurred.


Royal Mail required a robust identity verification (IDV) solution and as such Callcredit supplied its market leading, online real time identification solution - CallValidate. CallValidate enables Royal Mail to validate and identify over 90% of legitimate customers in real time, and enables lower failure rates with people gaining, and paying for the Redirection service they want in one, straight-through application.

In addition, for any customers who ‘do drop off’ – perhaps as a result of their payment card being registered to their new address – Callcredit provided a Knowledge based authentication channel, CallValidate 3D, driving Redirection revenues whilst maintaining strong anti-fraud measures.

Through the use of CallValidate and CallValidate 3D Callcredit was able to assist Royal Mail with the following challenges:

  • Driving growth – successfully ID more applicants 
  • Preventing fraud – stop fraudulent Redirections 
  • Saving money – moving applications online 
  • Improving the customer journey
  • Delivering innovation – continuous improvement and best practice 


The benefits realised by Royal Mail include:

  • 4% uplift on pass rates compared to Royal Mail’s previous supplier of IDV services
  • A further 4% uplift through the use of CallValidate 3D
  • An enhanced customer application process, helping Royal Mail drive its online channel

 “Callcredit fully understood our specific online authentication needs and provided a solution which has increased our Redirection application pass rate with no negative impact on fraud.   This has successfully been expanded with additional knowledge based authentication to further drive volume and revenue.”  Penny Wilbourne, Head of Redirection Products and Operations

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