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DWP’s National Performance Management Framework - Aspireview


DWP’s National Performance Management Framework (“NPMF”) Programme deployed Callcredits’s Aspireview and Bridge products to over 300 local authorities to define a new set of housing benefit national measures to improve services to the public.

As well as local authorities across England Scotland and Wales, Callcredit worked closely with a number of other organisations:

  • Local authorities’ system suppliers Capita, Northgate, IBM, Anite and Civica to agree data feeds,
  • Regulatory Bodies across England, Scotland and Wales,
  • Department for Work and Pensions,
  • Office for National Statistics,
  • Local Job Centres,
  • Public and private sector tenant representatives and landlords,
  • Registered Social Landlords.


Callcredit designed, built and delivered NPMF using Aspireview, deployed to over 300 local authorities in just 12 months.
From the start collaborative techniques were employed to bring together relevant stakeholders and define a new set of housing benefit national measures.

During its maximum use NPMF managed millions of data items relating to over 6 million housing benefit applications per year. These data items included sensitive personal data. To ensure the security of these sensitive data items Callcredit enabled secure data transfer for the multiple stakeholders via GovConnect. Data sharing protocols needed to be agreed and approved and the involvement of the Information Commissioner was vital to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.


NPMF was the first national cloud-based system implemented in the public sector and a case study for early Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. It was also the largest performance management implementation in the UK prior to the Ffynnon programme, also delivered by Aspireview.
The programme and Callcredit’s software won various industry awards including the Institute of Revenue Ratings and Valuation (IRRV) Performance Award for the “Best Use of IT” and Financial Management Readers’ Award for “Innovative Software Solution of the Year”.

An independent survey of the programme concluded:

“NPMF has met and significantly exceeded its original objectives. The performance improvement results achieved, the efficiency gains made, and the positive feedback from participating local authorities, all indicate that the NPMF project has been a resounding success.”

 “I think this is a brilliant idea of having a performance tool that everyone can use and benchmark against each other. All the personnel at Coactiva have come from a relevant background and are extremely knowledgeable about what is important for managers in the benefits field in terms of monitoring and improving performance. Callcredit has continued to improve this product since the pilot started” Fareham Borough Council.

 “We have made significant improvements in our performance since using NPMF” Cardiff City Council.

“The project has been the most collaborative venture I have experienced in my 20 years in HB/CTB Administration. It successfully united DWP & local authorities in a common goal to use statistical information as business intelligence in order to drive performance improvement.” East Lothian Council

“As a result of using NPMF, collaboration with other authorities is now effortless which is proving to be of great benefit to us” Scottish Borders Council

“The approach works individually with authorities to meet their specific needs excellent and something that is normally lacking with a package system, especially a system being used on such a large scale.” Doncaster City Council.