We’ll help you to increase your share of the energy switch market

With consumer energy switching levels low, we understand the challenge of acquisition in the utilities market. Only 17% of consumers switch annually, and we can help you find them.

Target the right customer for your business and drive lead generation

We can help you understand who your brand attracts, and which customers are most likely to be loyal to your services. Our consumer segmentation systems and insights can allow you to identify profitable prospects effectively so that you can ensure an appropriate offer is made for the customer, and for you.

Our products also enable you to tailor you marketing campaigns to suit your customers, through our nGauge public data, we highlight areas of priority and those who are reaching their spend capacity. nGauge can identify any existing County Court Judgements, Bankruptcy, Insolvency or IVA’s thereby enabling you to make responsible decisions about which consumers you decide to approach with an offer.

Our digital arm, Latitude can provide market leading digital strategies and analytical expertise to help you engage with consumers who are looking to switch online, combined with our Home Move Datasets which also provide triggers for consumers at exactly the time they could be planning to switch.

We can help you shake up the market for energy switching by providing you with our market leading consumer database and prospect lists. Through our data universe Define we can help you to target the right customer through the right channel at the relevant time. Define can also enrich your existing customer base so that you can reconnect with lapsed customers and maximise customer value.

Increase the value of your customer base

Our customer and market insight drives value for both your customer and your brand. Understand the drivers of customer profitability through the delivery of customer strategies such as:

  • Direct communications tailored to the customer
  • Score current and potential value of each customer
  • Selecting the best offer for each customer
  • Maximise value from CRM spend
  • Conversion optimisation

We will work with you to identify the best areas of opportunity to drive value from your existing customer base and maximise your ROI. 

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