Verification and Fraud

A combination of big-ticket sales, overseas bookings and the importance of trust and reputation makes fraud a huge issue for travel and tourism operators. The potential opportunity for fraudsters to spend big and stay under the radar is huge.

Fraud costs Britain £38.4bn a year. This equates to £765 for every adult in the country. Our suite of award-winning online solutions are  designed to tackle this problem by instantly verifying, detecting and preventing fraud in real-time, by alerting you to business risks as they happen. We can automatically verify your customer's identity and means of payment, without impacting operational efficiencies or the customer journey.

Examples of how our solutions can be deployed:

  • Airlines: Preventing last minute booking fraud through payment card ownership checks
  • Car Hire Companies: Electronically verify the identity and age of customers prior to releasing the vehicle
  • Hotels/Leisure Companies: Prevent Card Not Present Fraud using our suite of fraud triggers and payment card ownership

Our range of tools will help you confidently answer the following questions by interrogating a wide range of independent positive and negative data sources to reduce operational costs:

  1. Is the order from a genuine customer?
  2. Does the payment card belong to the individual as indicated in their credit file?
  3. Is the card reported as stolen or lost, do the AVS, CV2 match?
  4. Is there a trend of suspicious activity that triggers a fraud alert?

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