Location Planning

Whether you are in the travel, tourism or leisure business, making the right locational decisions  is key to your success.

Increasing competition, predominantly from companies that operate exclusively online who can  offer cheaper and more competitive deals are increasing the pressures and challenges for many organisations in this sector, as they need to justify investments in new sites and analyse the performance of existing sites moving forward.

If you are planning which travel agents to open or close or where to open you next restaurant, gym, or station for example, we have all the mapping tools, data and expertise you need to assess new locations,  understand your markets and make informed location decisions to optimise investments and ultimately improve profitability for sites.

Combining our consumer insight and local area datasets, with our highly versatile market intelligence and modelling system and expert modelling consultancy, we can help you evaluate and create robust location strategies that help you answer complex investment and divestment  questions: 

  • Where should I open my next fitness club? 
  • Where are other hotels located in my target area? 
  • Are other eateries in my preferred location targeting the same consumers?
  • Should I shut down some of the travel agents not performing as well?
  • How many new stations do I need?
  • What new routes should we introduce?
  • How far are tourists prepared to travel to my attraction? 

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