Customer Analysis and Insight

Developing a deeper understanding of your past and potential bookers will ensure you marketing communications are timely, relevant and stand out in an overcrowded market place.

Understand the profile of your existing customers

With our wide ranging segmentation systems, you can build a clear picture of your customers, helping you fine-tune marketing activity and convert more bookers. We can help you understand peoples' holiday preferences, age, family type, ethical views or online activity - plus hundreds more highly discriminative variables for the UK and abroad! As well as driving repeat bookings, this insight will help you target lookalikes and build a dream prospect list.

Map your customers' footsteps as they interact with your brand

Understanding how your customers engage with your brand and make purchases is crucial to your digital planning. We can analyse your website visitors to look at the journey they make from search to browse to book, giving you powerful insight to improve the user experience and ultimately drive better customer engagement.

Take a strategic approach to social media

There's no hiding from the social media revolution. We are helping organisations like yours integrate social media strategy into the marketing mix. This process involves analysing your existing online presence, competitor activity and what the public are saying about your brand. We will work with you to set objectives, monitor activity and consult on a winning strategy for your business.

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