Retail Location and Network Planning

Location is one of the most critical success factors for any retail outlet.

Which is why the most efficient and profitable store networks are designed with retail centre intelligence, local area data and consumer insights at their heart. We can help you benchmark and increase the performance of your existing stores sites, whilst selecting the best sites for investment.

What is Location Planning?

Location planning is one of the key aspects of retail success. Callcredit can help our clients make the best possible business decisions by providing invaluable information and extensive data to protect your retail investment and ensure a prime location is chosen. 

Retail Location Planning by Callcredit

Combining demographic, footfall and demand datasets with cutting edge modelling we can help you answer the fundamental questions of retail location planning:

  • Where should I open my next store?
  • Who shops there?
  • Where else do they shop?
  • How many stores do I need?
  • Should I consolidate?
  • Where are my competitors located?
  • What is my potential in this market?
  • What are the local drivers for performance?
  • How will my network react to competitor or retail centre changes?

Network Planning

As well as providing a definitive view of the UK retail landscape, we work with some of the world's biggest retailers, establishing and optimising their global distribution networks. For example, our Tokyo team provides consultancy for some of the leading brands in the Asia Pacific Region. Our clients include fast food restaurant chains, sportswear giants, convenience stores, automotive distributors and petrol forecourts.

To find out more about our retail solutions please contact us and one of our Retail planning consultants will contact you shortly.

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The work the Callcredit team have done in the Asia Pacific region has provided us with a great insight into our consumer preferences and into the mix of retail channels available to us to meet these growing needs

Global Wholesale Solutions Manager, adidas

The functionality to change the retail landscape by opening or closing a store and model the consequent revenue flows is unique.

Director of Retail Research, Savills