ThreeSixty Empty Homes

Find out if a property is empty or is currently occupied, and by whom

ThreeSixty Empty Homes has been specifically designed to enable councils to establish if a home is empty and, where applicable, take advantage of the New Homes Bonus.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) incentivise Local Authorities in England and Wales to increase the number of available homes by allowing for new homes to be built or by bringing long-term empty properties back into use. This incentive is called the New Homes Bonus and is worth £8,652 per new property identified. 

The service is fully integrated within the ThreeSixty Connections on-line software service as standard. This provides work flow and campaign management tools to optimise efficiency and maximise returns.

The service allows you to integrate other in-house data source, record outcomes and baseline campaign performance. 


  • Granular risk classifications within a simple Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status make the cases easy to work and understand
  • Goneaway and forwarding address links are returned with accurate move in dates
  • A complete view of household residency is built from our proprietary ResidencyPLUS technology
  • Names, dates of birth and evidence of occupancy  are returned for every occupant of the address alongside accurate move in and move out dates
  • The batch service is fully aligned to ThreeSixty Online which enables further deep dive investigation if needed

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