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ThreeSixty DataDNA

See a single view of a person's debt across multiple council debt books.

ThreeSixty DataDNA provides Local Authorities with a consolidated picture of the total debt position of each person across all council debt books.

ThreeSixty DataDNA is a unique and persistent identifying number for each adult individual in the UK and the solution applies it consistently to each debtor – even if you hold different addresses or even different names for that individual – across each list.

This is then presented back to users in single interface, enabling them to see at a glance the relationships between differing debt books and the percentage and value of debt by type and by debtor.


  • Gain a full picture of total personal debt
  • Manually link and unlink records to find tune results
  • Optimise collection approach for multiple debtors
  • Reduce contact costs with a consolidated approach
  • Reuse the ThreeSixty DNA number to join-up other data sets, including benefit data

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