ThreeSixty Council Tax View

Increase revenue by detecting fraudulent SPD claims more accurately

It’s essential to maximise council tax revenue to protect vital services. But fraudulent claims for single person discount can be expensive and cost Local Authorities over £130 million annually according to recent estimates. 

ThreeSixty Council Tax View provides the most complete view of the household currently available and can be used to detect fraud amongst existing claimants, monitor those claimants for change of circumstances and prevent fraudulent applications before they are claimed.

The service allows you to integrate other in-house data sources, record outcomes and baseline campaign performance.


  • In recent head to head trials ThreeSixty Council Tax View returned less than half the false positives of competing solutions whilst resulting in more successful removals
  • Granular risk classifications within a simple Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status make the cases easy to work and understand
  • A powerful residency score for each potential cohabitant is return enabling you to act on the results with confidence
  • Names, dates of birth and evidence of occupancy are returned for every occupant of the address alongside accurate move in dates
  • The batch service is fully aligned to ThreeSixty Online which enables further deep dive investigation if needed

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